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Wholesale Dealers License

With over 30 years experience owning and running successful car dealerships, our highly skilled team is ready and waiting to assist you in gaining your Wholesale Dealer’s License. We are working with clients across the United States nationwide. Some of our larger cities include Chicago, Illinois; Hartford, Connecticut; Baltimore, Maryland; and Los Angeles, California. No matter where you want to enter a profitable career in auto wholesaling, we have you covered!

Not sure how to start? Give us a call and we will help you set up a modern, professional and helpful office to establish yourself in the greater dealer market.

We provide the lowest start up costs to new dealers in the country with low monthly rent and new business owner consulting. Our nation wide access to dealers-only auctions will give you a leg up in the dealer’s market, one of the most competitive and lucrative fields in the business world.

How Are We Different?

Many services will help you get a license and you will never hear from them again. All States Dealer Licensing will help you not only get your automotive wholesale dealers license, we help your business with an industry leading combination of services including:

  • Corporation Filings
  • State application filings
  • Professional office
  • State-of-the-art phone system
  • Mail forwarding
  • Active Support Staff

No other competitor in the wholesale license industry can offer our unique combination of clear cut training and professional standing in the dealership industry. We support you on each leg of the journey with our expert consulting and experience!


Ready to get started?

* License speed is solely dependent on the client satisfying their requirements in a timely manner*